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Shopify makes it easy to switch from Lightspeed POS

Having to choose between three payment processors didn’t really give me a lot of leverage to shop around for a good rate. Shopify has way more options to choose from, so I was able to find something that made sense for my business.

— Brad

Shopify POS lets me do everything I could before, but saves me a ton of money each and every month. Awesome add-ons for my store and POS system are really affordable too, and they automate a lot of the busywork that comes with owning a business.

— John

We initially tried Lightspeed but were discouraged by how difficult and overly complex everything felt. We were looking for a fast, efficient, and dead-simple out-of-the- box solution, and we found that in Shopify POS.

— Lynn

I weighed my options heavily before deciding to go with Shopify POS, and what I loved most was the ability to access my backend from practically any device. My iPhone’s battery died so I had to use my wife’s 4 year old android to make a small change to my store. Still worked without a hitch.

— Sean

This switch was exactly what my business needed. Shopify POS is simple, affordable and open - three qualities I honestly couldn’t find in another POS system.

— Earl

I thought all I wanted to do was set up a small retail location, but thought twice after getting a quick tour of Shopify’s online capabilities. Within a few days I had designed my store, added all of my products, and even started making sales! My inventory is synced too, so it’s easy to keep things organized.

— Ed

Manage your store with Shopify POS

Run your business from your phone, laptop, or point of sale

All your data in one place

Your products, inventory, orders, and customers are automatically updated and backed up in the cloud.

Track your sales and growth

Detailed business reports help you analyze and gain insight into your products, orders and payments.

Extend Shopify with apps

With hundreds of apps to help you manage your store, you can customize Shopify in the way that works best for your business.