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Use Your Blog to Build a Loyal Audience

More Traffic, Better Leads, Increased Sales

Today, it’s not about directly pushing the sale on your customers but rather about making a valuable connection with them. It’s less about overtly promoting your product or service and more about sharing relevant, useful information. This helps you build a significant following that translates into greater website traffic, higher quality leads and more sales. Use your blog to maintain a consistent voice with your target market via articles, videos, tutorials or product reviews.

A Robust Blogging Platform

No matter what ecommerce plan you choose, the Shopify system automatically comes with a built-in blogging software that is powerful, comprehensive and easy to use. Through your very own custom dashboard, you can write articles, imbed videos, promote open discussion among your visitors, and moderate comments quickly and effectively.

Shopify helps you use your blog intelligently to build practical, valuable and shareable content that builds your business and strengthens your brand.

How to Develop a Powerful Blog

When it comes to Internet marketing, there is no more powerful way to attract links, likes, tweets and shares than through a compelling blog with consistent posts. Keep your audience coming back for more by creating exciting blog content that stands out from the pack.

How? Start by reading these helpful articles from the Shopify blog.

My Mantra to Blogging that Made $20,000: Remix, Reuse, and Republish

For the last three months, I’ve been focused on one question: How do I publish at least one high quality article every single day that will increase sales? Read more

5 Tips for Connecting with Your Customers and Making More Sales

When it comes to online sales and customer conversion, connecting with your potential customers and describing your products persuasively is one of the most important parts of selling online.

How to Double Your Traffic Without Any Marketing

Marketing is undoubtedly one of the most crucial success factors for new online businesses and should be a primary emphasis early on. But if you only focus on traditional traffic generation strategies like link building you're missing out on lots of potential customers.

The Stalker's Guide to Highly Effective Guest Posting

This is the story of how I stalked the writer of this blog, convinced him to let me write regularly for Shopify and generated thousands of visits to my site – all as a blogging newbie.

20 Practical Tips to Help Small Businesses Punch Above Their Weight

Life can be pretty intimidating for small ecommerce stores. There's a lot of tough competition out there. Sites like Amazon generate crazy money every day and have better brand recognition than you could ever dream of – how exactly can you compete with that?