Shopify POS Update: New Lower Price, Gift Cards And More New Features


Last year we launched Shopify POS, our iPad point of sale system made for brick-and-mortar retailers and pop-up shops.

Shopify POS seamlessly integrates with your online store so your products, orders and customers are always in sync. Bridging this gap between online and offline selling was an important step forward in our mission to make commerce better.

Today we’re excited to announce the release of a major update to Shopify POS which includes some great new features and improvements for merchants.

New, Lower Pricing and Better Rates

We’ve lowered the rate for credit card swiping for Shopify POS and Shopify Mobile to the following:

New, Lower Pricing and Better Rates

We’ve also reduced our payout time to three days for U.S. merchants with Canada to follow soon.

And it’s not just our swipe rates we’re lowering.

We’ve dropped the price for Shopify POS from $49/month per location to $49/month with unlimited locations and registers. That means you can use Shopify POS in all your retail locations and have multiple iPads deployed in each - all for one low monthly price.

Check out full Shopify POS pricing details here.

Gift Cards: In-Store and Online

Merchants using Professional and Unlimited plans can now sell gift cards at their physical retail locations with Shopify POS. Gift cards can either be printed at checkout or emailed to customers. Gift cards sold can also be redeemed through your online store and vice versa.

This is good news for merchants because gift cards are big business. According to a National Retail Federation survey, 81% of Americans will buy at least one gift card during the holidays. The same survey also found that 70% of customers who use gift cards will spend more than the value on the card.

In other words, people want to buy gift cards and now you can offer them both offline and online.

Plus, the ability to offer gift cards at your brick and mortar location also means you now have the option to create gift cards as store credit instead of issuing refunds.

More New Features

More New Features

The latest version of Shopify POS also includes these new features:

Custom Barcode Printing and Scanning

Shopify POS now makes it quick and easy generate barcodes for your products, print labels, or print customized barcodes using the Barcode Printer app and an external printer. Pair this with an optional wireless scanner to make your store’s barcode workflow quicker, easier, and more efficient.

Multi-Language Receipts

If you operate in a country where English is not the primary language, we’ve added the ability for you to offer your customers receipts in Spanish, German, French and Danish, and plan to add more languages in the future.

Tax Overrides

With our new tax overrides, you can set specific tax rates for individual products. This gives you the flexibility and control you need to fine-tune how you want to apply taxes to your products based on the what and where you sell.

Ecommerce Now Optional

Some businesses have told us they would like to use Shopify POS today, but only plan on selling online in the future. Our updated plans allow you to select a standalone point of sale option for just $49/month and add an ecommerce plan anytime afterwards.

When you’re ready to take your business online, all your products and inventory will be automatically imported into your new online store.

A New Chapter for Commerce

Since launching Shopify POS, thousands of businesses have adopted it in their retail locations and pop-up stores. Whether they’re re-inventing the furniture business or manufacturing the perfect shirt, merchants love the way Shopify POS sync’s their products, orders and customers with their online store. Shopify POS also allows them to spend more time focusing on their business and less time wrestling with technology.

And that’s what running a modern commerce business is all about.

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